Center for Membrane Technology (CMT)

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    About CMT

    Center for Membrane Technology provides a unique platform for research and knowledge sharing to support and advance research in membrane separation. Our knowledge is based on more than 15 year’s of fundamental and applied research within membrane separation and our work has generated more than 100 publications. Key research areas are production of self-cleaning thermocatalytic membranes, flexible graphene oxide membranes, membrane crystallization, membrane bioreactors, nanofiltration for removal of pesticides, and large scale system for treatment of process water from oil-and-gas industry.


    Developing membrane solutions calls for unique technical skills and competences which is why we have assembled the most talented researchers from Aalborg University within this interdisciplinary field of research. Furthermore, our membrane product development and solutions are created in collaborations with other leading universities and companies worldwide working on different aspects of membrane technology from production of membranes, process design, monitoring and control and large scale membrane systems.


    The mission of the Center for Membrane Technology (CMT) is to generate synergy within membrane research by bringing together the expertise from membrane development, control and monitoring, process design and scale up at one platform.



    The center provides innovative and sustainable solutions to challenges within environment and process industry. High priority for the center is production of clean water (SDG 6 and 2) e.g. by developing and using functional membranes that remove or degrades toxic compounds from drinking water and wastewater. Recovery of resources from waste streams including recovery of lithium for batteries (SDG 12) and recovery of nutrients for production of fertilizer to ensure future food production (SDG 1). Reduction of energy consumption by introducing new energy saving membrane technologies for water treatment and resource recovery (SDG 7). Protection of the environment from pollution (SDG 14) by introducing membranes in wastewater treatment and for polishing of wastewater. Education and distribution of knowledge to the new generation and the rest of the world.

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Membrane development

Main focus is to develop new and improved materials and membranes for a wide range of applications, mainly ceramic membranes, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes.

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Process design

Focus is mainly on designing and developing processes for a wide range of applications including water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas industry, food and pharma industries.

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Control and monitoring

Industrial applications of membranes requires appropriate control and monitoring of the process for optimization, reduced energy consumptions, etc. The group focuses on developing models to control and monitor the membrane process.

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Focus is on developing membrane processes from membrane preparation to industrial applications which include collaboration with Danish and international partners to analyze the scale-up possibilities.

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