Adjunct professors and associate professors

Adjunct professors and associate professors

In order to expand our collaboration within selected reserach areas, the following researchers have been awarded Adjunct Professor or Adjunct Associate Professor by the Department of Chemistry and Bioscience:

Geoffrey D. Thyne Professor 31.08.2021 
Jesper Haaning Professor 30.06.2026
Svend Borup Jensen Ass. professor 30.06.2022
Kristian Keiding Professor 31.10.2023
Sophie Fourmentin-Lamotte  Professor 31.03.2023
Ettore Randi Professor 28.02.2023
Martin Jensen Ass. professor 30.06.2026
Stig Purup Professor 14.09.2025

Adjunct professors / Adjunct Associate Professors will normally carry out the following tasks: 

  • Participate in research activities in collaboration with researchers at the department 
  • Give lectures / participate in conferences
  • Supervision of PhD students
  • Participate in evaluation committees 
  • Recruitment

For further information, please contact: 

Martin Jensen

Jesper Haaning

Svend Borup Jensen

Svend Borup Jensen

Stig Purup

Geoffrey D. Thyne

Sophie Fourmentin-Lamotte

Ettore Randi