Meet our students

Meet Evelin Boros

 “I had the chance to write my 9th semester’s project in collaboration with a highly recognized Danish company, LEGO. Throughout my project I worked together with engineers on an existing problem at the company, focusing on sustainability during production. I could practice how to present my results for professionals, discuss the arising questions and plan the development of the project. I also had the possibility to get a closer look at the company’s structure, and to experience the atmosphere of the Danish working environment, which was a huge plus for me as an international student. My theoretical research connected to the topic helped me to understand and evaluate the phenomena seen in practice. Finally, my results provided important information that has the potential to be used in future developments.”

Meet Søren Dietz Fuglsang, Rune Hansen Pedersen, Anders Ørts Tjell and Martin Bonderup Østergaard

“At our 7th semester we chose to study a novel approach for tuning the properties of glass. We studied hot compression of oxide glasses under the supervision of Associate Professor Morten Mattrup Smedskjær (AAU). We produced different oxide glasses which were sent to collaborators at the Institute of High Pressure Physics at the Polish Academy of Sciences, where the hot compression was performed. Subsequently, we investigated the pressure-induced changes in the mechanical properties of the glasses, while compositional and structural analyses were performed by another collaborator, Corning Inc., USA. Based on our project and analyses of some additional glasses, a peer-reviewed paper was published in July 2014. For us, working with this project has given great insight in working with scientific research and has been a great opportunity to work with something which has the potential to influence everyday life”

Meet Louise Solveig Nørgaard and Dorthe Malene Götz Mikkelsen

“During 2014, we have worked on our master thesis concerning the invasive raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides) in Denmark. The project is funded by Aalborg Zoo Conservation Foundation (AZCF), Jægernes Naturfond (Hunter’s Nature Foundation) and Danish Centre for Environment and Energy (DCE) which has made it possible to work in depth with different aspects of the raccoon dog biology and genetics. We have made a diet analysis using traditional and molecular methods for identification, which is to be published in a popular scientific magazine (Flora & Fauna) and a scientific journal focusing on the genetic methods. Also we have been invited to give a speech based on our dietary results on a symposium for Dansk Pattedyrforening (Danish Mammal Society) in March 2015. Our interest in the raccoon dog actually arose prior to the master thesis and led to the publication of one popular scientific article on the spread of the raccoon dog in Denmark, as well as a scientific article with simulations of population growth under different hypothetical circumstances, in cooperation with DCE and DTU National Veterinary Institute, also in 2014. All together, we have established a wide network, a high level of knowledge and pioneering results within our field of research.”

Meet our students

The project based learning approach used by AAU provides results that can be used directly by industry or contribute to international publications. Our students perform extremely well as exemplified by the following stories.