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Department of Chemistry and BIOSCIENCE

Aalborg University
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7H
9220 Aalborg East

Tel.: (45) 9940 3605

Head of Department

Michael Toft Overgaard
Tel.: (45) 9940 3605
Email: mto@bio.aau.dk

Vice Head of Department (teaching) and Head of Studies

Niels T. Eriksen 
Tel.: (45) 9940 8465
Email: nte@bio.aau.dk 

Head of section - Biotechnology

Peter Kristensen
Mobile: (45) 2036 9097
Email: pk@bio.aau.dk

Head of section - chemistry

Morten Lykkegaard Christensen
Tel.: (45) 9940 8464
Email: mlc@bio.aau.dk

Head of section - biology and environmental Science

Dan Bruhn
Tel.: (45) 9940 8466
Email: db@bio.aau.dk

Head of section - chemical engineering

Jens Muff
Tel.: (45) 9940 3564
Email: jm@bio.aau.dk

Head of section - sustainable biotechnology

Peter Stephensen Lübeck
Tel.: (45) 9940 2590
Email: psl@bio.aau.dk


Department administration


Department employees 


An internal matchmaker is a researcher who has a solid overview of the department's research, education and laboratory facilities.The Matchmaker can put you in touch with relevant researchers or students in your particular area. For more information, please contact the department matchmaker:

Cejna Anna Quist-Jensen 
Email: cejna@bio.aau.dk
Tel: (45) 9940 3612

Aalborg University
Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7H
9220 Aalborg East