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Partners involved

Partners involved in the Nomigas project

The partners of the NomiGas project will participate in the different research areas during the project period. Below you will find a list with the contact details of the partners involved in the NomiGas project:

Danish Universities and GTS (Advanced Technology Group)


Per Halkjær Nielsen, phn@bio.aau.dk

Jeppe Lund Nielsen, jln@bio.aau.dk


Henrik Bjarne Møller,


Caroline Kragelund Rickers, cakr@teknologisk.dk



Mads Munk-Poulsen, mmp@billundvand.dk

Primozone Production AB

Filip Nilsson filip.nilsson@primozone.com

Krüger A/S

Vibeke Borregaard, vrb@kruger.dk

Maabjerg BioEnergy

Alan Lunde, alu@vestforsyning.dk

Collaboration with foreign Universities

Lund University

Jes la Cour Jansen jes.la_cour_jansen@vateknik.lth.se

The University of Queensland

Damien Batstone

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

Martin von Bergen martin.vonbergen@ufz.de

University of Vienna

Michael Wagner

External Financial Funding

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