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Steering Committee

Steering Committee for Nomigas

In the below list you will find the members of the NomiGas steering committee, who are responsible for coordinating the different work packages and partner contributions.

Steering committe:

  • Per Halkjær Nielsen (Principal Investigator), Section for Biotechnology, AAU
  • Jeppe Lund Nielsen, Section for Biotechnology, AAU
  • Morten Simonsen Dueholm (Scientific coordinator), Section for Biotechnology, AAU
  • Henrik Bjarne Møller, Department of Engineering, AU
  • Åsa Davidsson, Department of Chemical Engineering, LU
  • Caroline Kragelund Rickers, Center for Chemistry and Water Technology, DTI
  • Aviaja A. Hansen, Krüger
  • Alan Lunde, Maabjerg BioEnergy
  • Mads Munk-Poulsen, Billund Vand A/S
  • Filip Nilsson, Primozone

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