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ReCoverP – Recovery of phosphorus from wastewater treatment systems

In the ReCoverP project we will increase the P recovery from wastewater and transform it into high quality P products that can be used in agriculture and industry. This will be achieved by optimization of the biological P removal in wastewater treatment plants without compromising the effluent quality, the release of P into bulk water in digesters, pre-concentration and precipitation of P by novel membranes, ion exchange, and crystallization technologies. This will strengthen Denmark’s ability to minimize our dependence of imported P and to aid the transformation of Danish WWTPs to P-recovery units providing economic benefits for the WWTPs and society.

The ReCoverP project is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark (http://innovationsfonden.dk/) together with companies and universities in the period 2015-2018.

The ReCoverP project is divided into four workpackages:

  1. Design of optimal microbial community for P-recovery
  2. P-pools in wastewater treatment plants and digesters
  3. Production of well-defined P products
  4. Recovery of P by use of membranes

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