Applied supramolecual chemistry

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    Applied supramolecular chemistry

    The properties of a molecule arise from its molecular composition, specific structure and reactivity, and only manifests itself through a complex interplay with other molecules. This interplay is characterized by different weak intermolecular forces, which determine the macroscopic properties and effects that a molecule exerts in a specific context. Supramolecular Chemistry deals with the understanding of molecular interactions, the complex interplay between molecules and the knowledge based exploitation of such an understanding with the motivation that it will be possible to rationally design and/or select specific solutions to specific problems. By combining basic research into the nature of molecular interactions with applied research across a broad field, we strive to exploit this increased understanding of molecular interplay to address key societal challenges. Our key application areas include polymer-based photovoltaics, diagnostics, drug delivery and cholesterol disorders.


    Bridging the basic understanding of molecular interactions and behavior to overcome societal challenges within energy production and disease prevention and treatment through basic research and collaboration with industry.  

Computational Chemistry

Computational chemistry, inclusion complexes, energy transfer. 

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Cyclodextrin Technology

Cyclodextrin technology, supramolecular chemistry, host-guest interactions, thermodynamics, organic synthesis. 

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Polymer Chemistry

Functional polymers, Opto-electronic materials, Molecular probes, Organic-inorganic hybrid materials, Molecularly imprinted polymers.

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