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    The research group brings together expertise within biotechnology, biocatalysis and bioprocess technology. Our collective aim is to improve production of target compounds with a primary focus on secondary metabolites, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates from a diverse panel of microorganisms, including algae, bacteria and fungi. However, our research is not only restricted to microorganisms as we also apply enzyme catalyzed cell free processes.

    Research flagships

    • Genetic engineering of production strains
    • Heterologous production in bacteria, yeasts, Leishmania and mammalian cells
    • Application of heterogenic cultures
    • Fermentation processes
    • Bioreactor design
    • Enzyme catalyzed reactions or pathways
    • Directed evolution of proteins
    • Bioprocess technology
    • Antimicrobial assays

    Strategic growth area

    • Optimized heterologous expression of target proteins and natural products


    To have a leading platform for production of target proteins and natural products. To achieve our goal, we focus on optimizing upstream processes through genetic engineering of production strains, application of heterogenic cultures and improved bioreactor design in addition to directed evolution approaches of novel enzyme catalyzed reactions or pathways. We also calculate kinetics and stoichiometry of the microbial processes and develop predictive models.

Bioprocess technology

Carbohydrate catalysis, human milk oligosaccharides, functional microbiology, microbial fermentation, process design and analyses, cultivation optimization

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Fungal biotechnology

Filamentous fungi, secondary metabolites, natural products, genetic engineering, heterologous production of secondary metabolite, genome sequencing

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    • State-of-the-art labs for genetic engineering, fermentation and bioprocess development and analysis
    • Facilities for mammalian cell cultivation
    • Fluorescent scanner (Tecan M1000)
    • Bioreactors (1 and 3 L)
    • Rotary incubators
    • Long-read sequencing technology
    • Real-time microscopy system (unisensor)
    • FlowCytometry
    • Biophysical instrumentation
    • Microscopy
    • Analytical and preparative chromatography (HPLC and LC) (detection methods: MS/MS, UV, CAD, PAD and RI); GC with FID
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    Business partnerships

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Molecular engineering

Directed Darwinian evolution of proteins, antibiotics, bacteriophages, improved catalytic properties, heterologous protein production, production of bioplastic 

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