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Study Biology

Study Biology

Biology is a broad term defining science of all living things. We explore everything from animals and humans to microscopic living organisms. The working method of the study is a combination of theory and practical work in nature and in the laboratory. But Biology at Aalborg University is much more than just a study of biological systems. You will also be introduced to a number of useful tools that will help you understand how social, economic and environmental decisions may affect the environment.

As part of the University's "new thinking" of the traditional biology courses, Aalborg University has recently signed an agreement with Aalborg zoo, which gives biology students the opportunity do their projects in collaboration with the zoo including researching and studying the zoo's exciting and exotic animals and receiving training and supervision from specialists. Moreover, the students also have the opportunity to take advantage of the zoo's vast network in their search for an internship during their study period.

Read more about the study programme in Biology in "Studieguiden". At present the courses are only held in Dansh.

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