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Study Environmental Engineering

Study Environmental Engineering at Aalborg University

  • How do we provide clean drinking water to the rapidly increasing world population?
  • How do we produce sufficient food on the decreasing arable land during a global climate change?
  • How do we improve the water and soil ecosystem services that support all life on earth?
  • … and when looking further ahead to fulfill our common dream of expanding human life to Mars and earth-like exoplanets – How do we obtain clean and safe water and productive soil to sustain life in Space?

These are four important questions of our time, and they form part of the huge and exciting technology challenges that present-day environmental engineering students at Aalborg University face during and after their study.

The study program in Environmental Engineering includes both a BSc Programme and a MSc Programme. During the study students will be introduced to theories and methods by participating in lectures, courses and laboratory work. All teaching is according to the inter-disciplinary, problem-oriented “Aalborg University model” (PBL) where students experience working and solving problems in groups.

Read more about Environmental Engineering in Public Service Review: European Science and Technology, Issue 15 (pages 156 157)

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