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    Research within biorefineries focuses on the development of biomass conversion systems for the sustainable production of chemicals, fuels and materials (including feed and food). The integrated research approaches combines microbial strain development, enzyme technology and bioprocess engineering. The research in biorefining will take its starting point in the research group's core competencies within green biorefining, biological production and process technology.

    Research flagships

    • Green Biorefining
    • Biocatalysts – Microbial Conversion
    • Bioprocess Engineering

    Strategic growth areas

    • Green biorefining
    • Production of biochemicals and bioproducts
    • Storage of energy
    • Bioremediation incl. plastic degradation


    • Develop novel cost-effective technologies for production of valuable compounds from agricultural crops and waste streams from agriculture, forestry and households
    • Reduce energy consumption and environmental impact of biochemical processing
    • Secure close collaboration with industry both at national and international level


Biocatalysts – Microbial Conversion

Anaerobes, mixed cultures, yeasts, filamentous fungi, enzymes (discovery & applications) 

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Bioprocess Engineering

Fermentation, biogas, resource recovery, bioremediation 

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Green Biorefining

Protein extraction, press cake, lactic acid fermentation, biogas 

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    The Department of Chemistry and Bioscience has built world class laboratory facilities in collaboration with industry. This include excellent research infrastructures in fermentation systems (for anaerobes, bacteria, yeasts, filamentous fungi and microalgae) including an Applicon 20 L pilot plant bioreactor, made from stainless steel and it is equipped with steam-in-place system for easy and effective sterilization. It can run at continuous and batch mode with controllable stirring speed, pH, redox, air (or other gas), level/foam, dissolved oxygen, influent and effluent flow rates through an advanced fully computerized controller.

    Furthermore we have specific analytical equipment: GC-FID, GC-TCD, GC-MS, and HPLCs with RI/PDA/CAD detectors, elemental analyzer, Kjeldahl equipment, cell counter, etc. besides basic routine equipment for chemical, microbiological and molecular biology experimental work.

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    Business partnerships

    A selection of our business partners: 

    • Chr. Hansen A/S (Denmark)
    • Carlsberg A/S (Denmark)
    • FMC
    • COWI A/S (Denmark)
    • IFAU Aps (Denmark)
    • Naturli’ Foods A/S (Denmark)
    • Greenfield Aps (Denmark)
    • Vestjysk Andel a.m.b.a. (Denmark)
    • Friland A/S (Denmark)
    • DLG a.m.b.a (Denmark)
    • BioVantage Aps (Denmark)
    • BiomassProtein Aps (Denmark)
    • Terranol Aps (Denmark)
    • IDT DNA 

We are aligned with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals.