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Title: Enhanced performance of environmental biotechnology systems through online DNA surveillance of microbial communities

Microbial communities are used to solve ‘the grand environmental challenges’, including wastewater treatment, bioenergy production and resource recovery. Until now, it has not been possible to monitor the microbial communities of these systems, so their design, optimization and control take place without much understanding of the microbes and their key functions. The vision is to develop online monitoring of microbial communities using the latest DNA technologies. The methods will be applied to the largest Danish wastewater treatment facilities, serving as a showcase of innovative Danish technology. Monitoring of microbial communities will be enabled by an on-site sample-processing unit combined with online DNA sequence bioinformatic processing. Thereby, the project makes an otherwise complex workflow amenable for execution by non-experts.


  • The project is funded by The Innovation Fond Denmark in the period 2017-2020.

Project leader:

  • Per Halkjær Nielsen, Professor (project leader), Aalborg University, Center for Microbial Communities

More info to follow.