Environmental microbiology

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    Environmental microbiology

    Environmental Microbiology covers the study of microbial communities, interactions and processes in the environment, both in man-made and natural systems. We use state-of-the-art technologies to obtain knowledge that can be applied for a sustainable development with resource recovery, bioenergy production and better human health. We also develop novel technologies and approaches to study diversity and activity of microbial “Dark Matter”, the undescribed majority on the planet.

    research flagships 

    • Identity and physiology of uncultured novel microorganisms  
    • Microbial diversity across Denmark
    • Microbiology in engineered systems e.g., of wastewater treatment, bioenergy production, agriculture, and aquaculture
    • Medical Microbiology
    • Applied bioinformatics
    • Nanopore sequencing


    • Reveal identity and function of uncultured microbes in natural and engineered systems
    • Apply microbes for a sustainable development
    • Develop novel methods to describe uncultured microbes
    • Center for Microbial Communities as internationally leading Center
    • Close collaboration with leading groups in research, hospitals and industry

Identity, physiology and ecology of uncultured microorganisms

Microbial “Dark Matter”, Microbial ecology, Ecosystem models, Nitrogen-cycle, phylogeny.

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Applied bioinformatics

Microbiology, tree-of-life, metagenomics, amplicon sequencing, genome-centric metagenomics and visualisation.

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Microbiology of engineered systems for sustainable development

MiDAS database, P-recovery, N-removal, clean water, food webs and bioenergy. 

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Microbial diversity across Denmark

Microflora Danica, microbial diversity, novel microbes, phylogeny, metagenomics, natural, cultured and engineered habitats.

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Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of biofilm infections

Biofilm infections, test and development of medical devices, EPS, amyloids.

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Nanopore sequencing

Method development, microbiology, tree-of-life, real-time analysis, metagenomics, amplicon sequencing, genome-centric metagenomics and visualisation.

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    A selection of our world class laboratory facilities:

    • Sequencing facilities (Illumina, Nanopore)
    • NMR and MS for …
    • HPLC and MS for..
    • Protein characterization (…)
    • Raman Microspectroscopy
    • Confocal laser scanning microscopy
    • Bioreactors
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    A selection of our business partners: 

    • Villum
    • PDJF
    • Obelske
    • Forskningsråd
    • Innovationsfonden
Research projects

We are aligned with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: