Microflora Danica

About Microflora Danica

Microflora Danica is a large 4-year project aiming to describe the microbiome of Denmark, ending in 2022. Our ambition is to discover and characterize the microbial diversity across all parts and habitats of Denmark.

Identification of life is essential to our understanding of the world. Traditionally, the focus has been on objects we can recognize with our eyes, such as plants and animals. However, in the last decades it has become evident that microorganisms, small cells invisible to the naked eye, are involved in all aspects of our lives. From making us sick or keeping us healthy, to climate change and sustainable biotechnology production.

Globally, large efforts are also ongoing to investigate microbial diversity, with the Earth Microbiome Project being the flagship initiative. In this project, we have also teamed up with the Earth Microbiome Project to provide analysis of a set of globally representative samples. This will ensure the international part of the project and sharing of ideas across the projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have samples that could contribute to elucidate the Microbiome of Denmark.

DNA analysis is the key

The Microflora Danica project is made feasible by the continuous developments in DNA sequencing techniques. We use state-of-the-art DNA sequencing to establish a comprehensive microbial reference database, which will provide the basis for future exploration of biodiversity, microbial ecology, evolution and many other studies.

By the end of the project in 2022, we expect to have populated many completely new branches in the tree-of-life of microorganisms, with an emphasis on typical Danish biotropes. This will serve as an invaluable resource to research and industry in the future. The vast majority of microorganisms will be novel and never described before.

The project is a massive collaborative effort encompassing in-house and external colleagues.


Project leader: Professor Mads Albertsen
Email: ma@bio.aau.dk 
Mobile.: (45) 2293 2191

Project leader: Professor Per Halkjær Nielsen
Email: phn@bio.aau.dk 
Tel.: (45) 9940 8503 / Mobile: (45) 2173 5089

Project coordinator: Vibeke R. Jørgensen
Email: vrj@bio.aau.dk
Tel.: (45) 9940 7243 / Mobile: (45) 2617 9672