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Section of Sustainable Biotechnology

The Section for Sustainable Biotechnology (SSB) is one of the five sections of the Department of Chemistry and Bioscience of Aalborg University.

SSB’s integrated research approach is combining fundamental biotechnology with bioprocess engineering. The overall aim is to develop biomass conversion systems for the sustainable production of chemicals, fuels and materials (including feed and food). Research is mainly focused on the biochemical conversion of biomass into bioenergy and valuable by-products in biorefinery systems.

SSB is proud to offer a Bachelor Programme in Sustainable Biotechnology and a Master Program in Sustainable Biotechnology as well as Ph.d Courses in Biorefineries and Anaerobic Digestion. Teaching is according to the inter-disciplinary, problem-oriented “Aalborg University model”. All educations are offered at the AAU-Cph campus in Copenhagen. Read more

Contact Section of Sustainable Biotechnology

Department of Chemistry and Bioscience
Aalborg University Copenagen (AAU-CpH)
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 Copenhagen SV


Peter Stephensen Lübeck
Tel.: (45) 9940 2590
E-mail: psl@bio.aau.dk


Monday - Friday 8:30 - 14:30
Tel: (45) 99 40 25 95
Fax: (45) 99 40 25 94
Email: biocph@bio.aau.dk 

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