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Research projects

Research Projects

Section of Sustainable Biotechnology is involved in the following projects: 


Project Name

  Project leader                                    



Greening of organic egg production (Green-Eggs) Mette Lübeck 2017-2020 GUDP (Denmark)
Wastewater and Organic Waste Treatment Facilities – Net Green Energy, Nutrients and Bioproducts Producers Hinrich Uellendahl 2017-2019 COWI Fonden (Denmark)
Organic pig production based on green protein (SuperGrassPork) Mette Lübeck 2017-2019 GUDP, ICROFS (Denmark)
New Technology and Strategy for a Large and Sustainable Deployment of Second Generation Biofuel in Rural Areas (BABET-REAL 5) César Fonseca 2016-2020 EU H2020
NoAW – No Agricultural Waste – Innovative approaches to turn agricultural waste into ecological and economic assets Hinrich Uellendahl 2016-2018 EU H2020
Acetic acid as a storage molecule for excess electricity and its further conversion to biogas – proof of concept (XEL2Gas) Hinrich Uellendahl
Birgitte Ahring
2016-2018 Energinet, ForskEl Program (Denmark)
Demonstration of the AD Booster system for enhanced biogas production Hinrich Uellendahl 2015-2017 EUDP (Denmark)
OrganoFinery – Organic growth with biorefined organic protein feed, fertilizer and energy

Mette Lübeck
Hinrich Uellendahl

2014-2018 GUDP, ICROFS (Denmark)
SPIR BioValue Mette Lübeck
Birgitte Ahring
2013-2018 SPIR-FI

Completed projects:

Project Name

                           PROJECT LeadER                      



AMMONOX-Ammonia for enhancing biogas yield and reducing NOx Ioannis Skiadas 2013-2017 Energinet- ForskEL
GRAIL: Glycerol Biorefinery Approach for the Production of High Qulity Products of Industrial Value Hariklia Gavala 2013-2017 FP7
Keratin2Protein: Novel Approach to protein recovery from unutilized slaughterhouse waste through microbial conversion Lene Lange 2014-2017 FI-DSF
IBISS: Industrial Separation and Biosensing Processes inspired by Nature Lene Lange 2013-2016 HTF
MycoFuelChem. MYCO-fuels and MYCO-chemicals- Consolidated bioprocessing of biomasses Birgitte Ahring
Projektansvarlig: Peter Lübeck
2012-2016 FI-DSF
Novel Microbes: Udforskning af nye mikroorganismer og enzyme I biogasanlæg Per Halkjær Nielsen/Lene Lange 2013-2016 Villum Fonden
BIOMAN Economically efficient biogas production from manure fibres and straw Hinrich Uellendahl 2012-2015 FP7
Animal production without antibiotics Egon Bech Hansen/Michael Toft Overgaard
Projektansvarlig i CPH: Peter Lübeck
2011-2015 GUDP
“Waste2value” Biotechnology R&D Network with the BRICK countries Lene Lange 2014 FI
2stageBiogas- optimizing 2-stage biogas process for OFMSW Hinrich Uellendahl 2012-2014 Energinet
Peptide Pattern Finder Lene Lange 2011-2014 Novozymes
Catchcrop2biogas - Potential and optimization of biogas production from catch crops Hinrich Uellendahl 2011-2014 Energinet
SUPRABIO – Sustainable products from economic processing of biomass in highly integrated biorefineries. Peter Westermann 2010-2014 FP7
Bio4Bio - A strategic centre for the development and implementation of biotechnology for bioenergy Lene Lange 2009-2014 FI-DSF
BIOREF - Development of a biorefinery concept for integrated production of biomedicals, biochemicals, feed and fuels from selected plant material. Birgitte Ahring
Projektansvarlig: Peter Lübeck
2009-2013 FI-DSF
FiberMaxBiogas - Increasing the biogas yield of manure fibers by wet explosion. Hinrich Uellendahl 2009-2013 Energinet
FUNSECPROT - Secreted proteins in fungal parasitic interactions for feed, food and non-food industry Lene Lange 2008-2013 FI-DSF
RETROGAS – Demonstration of cost-effective production of biogas from manure only comprising new pre-separation technology and enzyme liquefaction. Ioannis Skiadas 2009-2013 EUDP
BornBioFuels R&D - Optimization of the BornBioFuels 2nd generation bioethanol concept. Hinrich Uellendahl 2009-2012 EUDP
Biofuels from Important Foreign Biomasses. Hinrich Uellendahl 2008-2012 EUDP
Documentation and energy yield optimization of AIKAN© - a dry anaerobic digestion biogas technology Hinrich Uellendahl 2010-2011 EUDP
Comparative studies of the secretome of fungus-growing ant symbionts Lene Lange 2008-2011  
ETOILE – Bioethanol production via fermentation of lignocellulosic olive oil residues. Ioannis Skiadas 2008-2010 FP7



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