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Meet an employee

Annette Sørensen, Postdoc

 "My name is Annette Sorensen. I have a master’s degree in biotechnology engineering from The Technical University of Denmark. In October 2010, I obtained a phd degree in fungal molecular biotechnology...". Read more

Esperanza Jurado, PhD Student

 "My name is Esperanza Jurado, and I am a PhD student at Aalborg University in the Sustainable Biotechnology Section in Ballerup. I got my MSc in Biotechnology with specialization in Biofuels at...". Read more

Ioannis Skiadas, Associate Professor

 "I am a chemical engineer with a Ph.D. in biochemical engineering and environmental technology from University of Patras, Greece. I firstly visited Denmark in 1999 to work as postdoctoral researcher at..." Read more

Tore Linde, Research Assistant

"My name is Tore Linde. I am M.Sc. in Environmental Biotechnology from The Technical University of Denmark. My area of interest at DTU was molecular biology, second generation bioethanol production, biogas production..." Read more

Meet an employee

Read what some of our employees have to say about the opportunities and personal experiences of being an employee at the Section for Sustainable Biotechnology at Aalborg University Copenhagen.