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Research Expertise

Research Expertise

For enquiries regarding specific subject areas within sustainable biotechnology you are welcome to contact our research experts directly.

Birgitte K. Ahring

Anaerobic and Fungal Microbiology
Anaerobic Digestion
Pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis
2nd generation bioethanol and bio/jet production
Biorefinery systems
Fractionation and fermentation for high-value bio/products (XOS, carbon fibers, plastics etc.)
New fermentations and separations

Peter Westermann
Anaerobic microbiology, Anaerobic bacteria, Archaea
Biodiversity, Microbial physiology
Biological hydrogen production
Greenhouse gases
Associate Professor
César Simões da Fonseca

Yeast biotechnology
Physiology and metabolic engineering of non-conventional yeasts
Lignocellulosic ethanol and advanced biofuels
Yeast biosurfactants
Biorefinery systems

Associate Professor
Christian Baron

Evolutionary Theory
Scientific Controversy Studies
Technology and Ethics
Science Fiction Studies

Associate Professor
Cristiano Varrone
Fermentation Technology
Mixed Microbial Cultures
Glycerol Biorefinery
Second Generation Biofuels and Green Chemicals
Process optimization
Associate professor
Mette Lübeck

Biorefinery concepts
Protein refining from green crops
Enzyme discovery and evaluation for biomass conversion
Fungal biotechnology
Development of biocatalysts using metabolic engineering
Integration of biocatalysts in biorefineries

Associate professor
Peter Lübeck
Fungal gene technology
Development of fungal expression hosts
Pathway engineering and gene modification
Bio-based chemical building blocks
Hydrolytic enzymes
Associate professor
Hinrich Uellendahl

Anaerobic digestion
Bioprocess control and optimization
Bioreactor design and configuration
Biomass pretreatment
Biorefinery concepts

Assistant Professor
Henrik Tækker Madsen

Membrane separation
Osmotic processes
Water treatment
Advanced oxidation processes
Protein purification

Assistant Professor
Zsófia Kádár

Biorefinery concepts
Biomass analysis
Pretretreatment of lignocellulosics
Fermentation of carbohydrates to biofuels and biomaterials
Biofuels (ethanol, ABE, hydrogen)