About the department

About the department

About the department

The Department provides the research framework for the engineering study programmes in Medical Biotechnology, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering as well as the Chemical and Biological Sciences Programmes.

The research and teaching of the Department is organized in the following areas:

  • Section of Biotechnology (Aalborg)
  • Section of Sustainable Biotechnology (Copenhagen)
  • Section of Chemistry (Aalborg)
  • Section of Chemical Engineering (Esbjerg)
  • Section of Biology and Environmental Science (Aalborg)

In both teaching and research we combine theory and practice and emphasize collaboration with companies and public sector organizations both nationally and internationally. The department offers both Bachelor (Bsc) and Master (Msc) programmes as well as regular PhD courses. All teaching is according to the inter-disciplinary, problem-oriented “Aalborg University model”.



The Department of Chemistry and Bioscience was established in 1974 and belongs to the Faculty of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University. The department is located in Aalborg , Esbjerg and Copenhagen.

About 800 students are enrolled in the courses associated with the Institute. The Department of Chemistry and Bioscience employs 196 staff (31.12.19) divided into the following categories:

  • Professors 
  • 20% Professors
  • Associate Professors 
  • Assistant Professors 
  • Post Doc 
  • PhD students 
  • Scientific assistants 
  • Laboratory assistants 
  • Administrative staff 

In addition we have external professors and associate professors, teaching assistants and student assistants.

The Departments primary goal is research and research based teaching within chemistry, environmental engineering, biology and biotechnology. The Department also contributes to innovative research and knowledge sharing in collaboration with industry, both nationally and internationally .

The Department is divided into five research sections and an administration .The daily management of the Department is managed by the Head of Department, the Vice Head of Department Education, the Vice Head of Department for Research and the Head of secretariat in collaboration with the department's five section heads.