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The Department of Chemistry and Bioscience is divided into the following research areas:

Section of Biotechnology

The section's research focuses on molecular biotechnology and bioprocess. The research comprises in particular the areas of protein chemistry, proteomics and transcriptomics of plants and human cells, molecular methods for identification of microorganisms and their activity in biofilms and in complex growth conditions, and enzymatic and microbial process technology.

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Section of Chemistry

The section's research is rooted in the physical chemistry and focuses on three main areas: 1) study and development of inorganic amorphous materials with a focus on glass and fiber technology, 2) Development of new organic compounds based on cyclodextrin teknology and functional polymers, and 3) Research in separation techniques which include aggregation, filtration and membrane filtration.

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Section of Biology and Environmental Science

The section's research comprises the analysis and solution of biological and environmental problems using modern methods and technology in an interdisciplinary environment. Central research topics are the protection of health, resources and environment by combining the knowledge of physical, chemical and biological processes.
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Section of Sustainable Biotechnology

The section combines basic microbial biotechnology and bioprocess technology. The research includes primarily microbiological process technology, molecular biology and biological discovery, all focusing on the conversion of plant biomass and side and waste streams into bioenergy and (other) valuable products in biorefinory systems.

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Section of Chemical Engineering

The section focuses on research within areas of energy, environment and materials based on chemistry, physics and physical chemistry. In addition, the section performs mathematical and statistical modeling of transport and transformation processes. Specific focus areas are oil and gas, environmental decontamination, composite and adhesive materials, drinking water and biomass conversions.

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